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Online Piano Tutorial – Upright Piano vs. Grand Piano

Online piano tutorial websites are widely available for you to make the most of. However, you cannot enjoy online piano lessons without a piano, and thus the first step is to acquire the instrument. You generally have two choices when buying a piano, an upright piano and a grand piano. Below, we will discuss both options.

Upright and grand pianos are very different from one and other. There is no better piano than the grand piano in terms of sound. It is the ‘purest’ form of piano available today. Grand pianos produce a richer and more dimensional sound because they are bigger and have a larger scale than other pianos. They offer an array of overtones due to the long strings that vibrate. There is no denying that a grand piano looks incredible as well. It becomes the focal point of any room. So, if a grand piano sounds better, why consider an upright piano? Well, there are some high quality upright pianos available. The sound is different – there is no denying that, but you can still benefit from a great level of quality. Moreover, a lot of people prefer these pianos because they do not have the space to house a grand piano. Upright pianos are also a lot more cost efficient, making them an ideal choice if you are just starting out. All in all, there is no right or wrong decision between the two, it is all about deciding what is best suited to your needs.

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