Online Ukelele Lessons

Online Ukelele Lessons – How To Choose From The Different Sized Ukuleles

Online ukelele lessons are a great way to learn to play this instrument. The ukulele is a cheerful instrument that has a positive impact on everyone who hears it, and thus it is of little surprise that you are interested in learning it. But, before you can take ukulele lessons online, you will need to buy the right ukulele for you. Read on to find out more.

Before you can take any online music lessons, you need to recognise that there are four standard sizes of this instrument – the baritone, tenor, alto and soprano. This is in order from biggest to smallest. The baritone is 30 inches long, and it produces the deepest and fullest sounds. It is ideal for those who want to play the blues, as it has more than 19 frets. Next we have the tenor, which is 26 inches long. It typically has 15 frets, which gives players the ability to reach higher notes. If you have plans to perform on stage, this is a great ukulele to consider. After the tenor ukulele, the alto ukulele is the next size down, coming in at 23 inches long. This is also commonly referred to as a concert ukulele. It tends to have between 15 and 20 frets. This is better suited than a soprano to those that have a heavy finger. It also produces a fuller sound. Finally, the soprano is the smallest ukulele and the most common, having between 12 and 15 frets. This type of ukulele is known for its lively and jangly sound. Those with big fingers will struggle to use this and may find they often bend the strings out of tune.

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