Online Violin Lessons For Beginners

Online Violin Lessons For Beginners – Should You Rent Or Purchase A Violin?

Online violin lessons for beginners are becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people enjoy the pleasure of learning an instrument from their own home at their own pace. However, before you can get started you will need a violin. Is this something you should rent or purchase outright?

A lot of people are worried about buying a violin outright for their online music lessons, as they fear they may not take to the instrument and thus their money will be wasted. However, if you rent, you are giving yourself an excuse to quit within a few days or so. Learning an instrument takes time, and thus perseverance is a must. Nevertheless, if you were to rent a violin, this could cost you a lot of money, as rental fees can add up quickly over time. In a year, you could find yourself spending more on renting a violin than you would purchasing one, and you will have nothing to show for your money either. Another reason to buy a violin is so you can benefit from one that is in perfect condition. Most rental violins are a bit worse for wear and feature tape marks, scratches and nicks. They also come with an already rosined bow and used strings. If you cause any damage, you will be liable for it as well. Another factor to bear in mind is that high quality violins can appreciate in value over time. Therefore, despite taking many violin lessons online, you may find that your instrument gets more valuable.

As you can see, there are many reasons why it is beneficial to purchase a violin when starting out. At Learn Music Guide (, we have a huge online store. You will be able to find the violin you need, as well as books and other pieces of equipment. We’re not merely a music shop; we have gathered everything required to learn an instrument, including online violin lessons for beginners.