Piano Online Lessons

Piano Online Lessons – Common Myths About Piano Lessons

Piano online lessons are popular amongst those who would rather learn at their own pace, as well as those who don’t have the money for private tutoring or cannot dedicate specific hours a week to lessons in advance. If you are thinking about taking up online piano lessons, read on to discover some of the common myths about them that you need to overlook.

One of the common myths that a lot of people believe is that they are going to have study classical music before they can switch to their favourite genre, such as jazz or pop. This is not the case. If your goal is to play in a certain genre, you should start off learning that genre. Moreover, it is important that you like the music you are playing otherwise you are going to lose motivation. There is also a belief that adults cannot play the piano because they did not study it as a child. This could not be further from the truth. It is never too late to learn the piano. In fact, the age barrier is all in the mind. Another myth is that you must take online music lessons every day. While it is important to practise regularly, you do not need to do so every day. In fact, taking a break can be important, especially if you feel that you are getting frustrated. Finally, don’t believe that you should study finger technique before you play actual music. Repertoire is the best way to develop expression and interpretation.

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