Prince making songs from the other side

Prince making songs from the other side
May 16, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

RIP Prince

The news that 2016 had snatched another “great” from society came as a hard blow! On the 21st April 2016, reports came in that a man had died at the home of Prince. Sadly news agencies were soon reporting that the body was indeed Prince himself and so the outpouring began. In modern times, people take to social media to express their grief and their respect. For David Bowie fans there was the comfort of revisiting and perhaps even discovering his 27 studio albums by the power of Spotify! Sadly for the followers of Prince, this won’t be the case.

Although Prince was originally a supporter of online music distribution, in recent years his legal team had worked hard to remove his work from online distribution such as YouTube and Spotify! Streaming from these channels has been controversial for artists who believe they do not get recognised financially. Some music may be available via the Tidal streaming service, but this could be the perfect opportunity to delve into the dusty CD collection.

Making songs from the other side…


And another one for the Prince fans! Did you know that a vault, filled with unreleased songs by Prince has been retrieved at his mansion and drilled open? The singer was the only person who knew the code but those responsible for his estate have gained access to enough music to release a new album every single year for a whole century.

The vault is said to have contained thousands of unreleased tracks which fans will be keen to hear. However who will benefit from the discovery of these songs is yet unknown. Prince has not made a will and it is expected that his estate will be taxed heavily.

  • LJ Moran

    Prince was certainly prolific and a great deal about the man himself, he kept fiercely guarded, charity work, last minute benefit concert appearances, he was certainly enigmatic, I have to admit I love the idea that there is such a body of work out there waiting to be shared to the people who loved him, I for one will be listening for its release.