Prince on Tidal

Prince on Tidal
June 22, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

The news of Prince’s passing back in April, came as a terrible shock for all his adoring fans. Famous for his fabulous songs such as Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette, the singers popularity has surged even more since his death, with fans looking to purchase his music and budding singers looking to purchase online backing tracks of his best hits.

Back in April we reported that a treasure chest of unreleased material had been found in the vaults of the singers home.

As a special treat, and to mark what would have been the legends 58th Birthday, streaming service Tidal will be releasing rarities from his back catalogue and unreleased recordings.

A massive archive of Prince's material can be found on Tital

A massive archive of Prince’s material can be found on Tital

When Jay Z launched tidal, Prince was quick to the party, praising the concept. He was impressed that Tidal seemed to understand the amount of hard work and effort that musicians put into their craft and that it enabled them to gain real recognition for their work. Yet back in 2015, Prince removed all his work from the site.

There was little in the way of explanation, apart from his apparent disapproval of modern technology and the purchase of music. It was suggested that Prince’s management were pushing for a set rate, which would allow the music to be loaded back up on digital services.

So if you are a true Prince fan, but don’t yet have a Tidal subscription, now might be the time to join. Not only will you be able to discover unheard recordings, but also relive memories by listening to the 40 plus albums which are now available.

Tidal subscriptions start from approximately $9.99 but reviews have been a little mixed. Whilst many praise the sound quality, specifically when compared to Spotify, others found the streaming particularly slow and glitchy.

Have you used Tidal yet? How are you finding it? Let us know in the comments below.