Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe

Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe
February 24, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

If you click onto the iTunes preview about this fantastic little app, there is one very telling sign about its popularity. There are no reviews. However, the functionality of this fantastic little app is not to be missed for those who happen to share the love of bagpipes. The app opens against a backdrop of a “tartan” pattern, although whose family tartan this is hard to decipher.

The user is then presented with an array of finger holes to “play” the instrument. But here is the really fun bit, to actually make a tune from the app, you need to blow into your devices microphone, just as you would with real bagpipes. We think this is a fantastic little app and let’s face it, it saves lugging your heavy bagpipes around with you!

Have fun 🙂

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