Seaboard RISE controller

Seaboard RISE controller
February 24, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Introducing the Seaboard Rise! It might sound like equipment you might need for paddle boarding or perhaps surfing, but no, the Seaboard Rise is a radical new musical instrument. Aesthetically the Seaboard Rise is intriguing.

It is not just the question of “what is it” that draws you in, but also the design of the gadget itself. It’s sleek, black, matte exterior looks dark and ominous and compels you to find out more. So apart from looking good, what exactly can it do?

Seaboard Rise Controller review

The Seaboard Rise can be used in many ways and brings various instruments into one. For example, the soft keys can be played like the piano or the glide option let’s the fingers strum like a guitar.

There is also the ability to use the distortion controls to create sounds you have never heard before.

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