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Sing Lessons Online – Taking Care Of Your Voice

Sing lessons online are popular with beginners and experienced singers alike. No matter what category you fall into, it is important to protect your voice. As you are going to be placing stress on your voice on a frequent basis while taking singing lessons online, you need to be very careful, as you could damage your vocal cords, which could cause permanent hoarseness.

There are some general tips you should follow to protect your voice, so let’s start with these. Firstly, do not spend too long in dry, cold air, and avoid sitting hunched over, as this can put strain on your neck muscles, which are crucial for voice production. Also, avoid smoking and don’t overdo spicy foods, as you could suffer laryngeal irritation. You should also have quiet periods throughout the day, especially if your job involves speaking a lot. What is crucial to recognise is that stress can manifest itself in two ways. The first form of stress is when you purposely put your voice under stress, for example, when you are singing. However, the second type of stress is an emotional response to a situation. For example, if you shout, you place stress on your vocal chords, which can cause damage. You need to try to avoid this as much as possible, as your singing lessons are already causing stress. Other tips for a healthy voice include drinking a lot of water; keeping your neck muscles and throat as relaxed as possible, even when singing low or high notes; and avoiding clearing your throat regularly, as this is like slamming your vocal cords together.

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