Sound therapy with the Naturespace App

Sound therapy with the Naturespace App
June 29, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

At Learn Music Guide, we already know the benefits of online music lessons for adults. As well as learning a new skill and gaining a hobby, it can also be used as a way of relaxing. Music or sound as a therapy is becoming increasingly popular and the Naturespace App allows us to experience it for ourselves.

The theory behind sound therapy is that our bodies contain energy frequencies. These frequencies can become disturbed during periods of stress. The idea is that sonic frequencies can restore this balance, all we need to do is lie back and listen. A practitioner of sound therapy, will ask a patient about their problems and then attempt to assist them by using gongs, drums and pitch forks. However an easier approach might be to try Naturespace.

The Naturespace app features perfect recordings taken in some of the most beautiful places around the world. The 3D recordings play relaxing and rejuvenating tracks seamlessly, there are no interruptions by adverts and the thousands of users claim it’s ability to induce calm and indeed sleep, are truly wonderful.

People feel transported to far away and exotic places. The aim is to change thought patterns during times of stress, such as when studying or traveling, or even enabling you to deal with certain fears such as claustrophobia.

And the best news, the app is completely free. Discover more fantastic apps here at Learn Music Guide, including the Crayola DJ, educating your children on the art of mixing music.

If you want instant relaxation right now, sit back and listen to this thunderstorm:

  • Wow..loving this youtube vid…:)

  • Karen Scotland

    Not totally sure thunder and lightening is quite my idea of relaxing and that one scared the dog (even more than my attempts at violin!) I love the concept of this though and think there is a lot of merit in it. At first I thought from the article it was just an apple app but have found it on google/android and it is fabulous. Absolutely loving it – wouldn’t never of come across it if I hadn’t of read about it on here, so thanks LMG! Definitely recommend to all to download especially the riverwind dreaming!