The A Speaker

The A Speaker
August 25, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Headphones are a great invention when we are listening to music and don’t want to disturb others. And of course, particularly if our chosen set list for day features the most embarrassing hits of yesteryear!

Yet sometimes it would be nice to listen without the restriction of earphones, introducing the A Speaker.

Designed by a French company called Akoustic Arts, the device works by directing sound waves directly at the listener. The system is that effective that it means a couple sitting on the same sofa, could listen to different music, without being disturbed by their neighbour! If you are not sitting in the path of the sound beam, you cannot hear the music.


How does this actually work?

The device generates ultrasonic waves, above the upper limit of human hearing. When this wave or beam then meets an obstruction, i.e. a person, it then turns back into an audible sound.

The system truly is an alternative to headphones. In the home it could be a solution to those watching a movie late at night and not wanting to disturb others or for those not wanting to disrupt colleagues in the work place.

For musicians, this does not only give them the chance to listen to music without disturbing others, but also the opportunity to practice or take an online music lesson, without those nearby eaves dropping.

With technology this sophisticated, it does come with a price tag! A Speaker can be purchased for about £355 which includes speaker, charging cable and the option to have the item wall mounted. The item is only just coming to market and the first speakers are expected to be shipped in September 2016.

Watch a late night movie without disturbing anyone

Watch a late night movie without disturbing anyone

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