Is it time to upgrade to a grand piano

Is it time to upgrade to a grand piano
October 3, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Are your online piano lessons going really well? Have you decided that it could well be time to upgrade your instrument? Are you in the market for a grand piano? Look no further!

When we think about a grand piano, the stereotypical image often involves a highly lacquered white or black gloss finish with a stunningly beautiful women draped atop, long cigarette holder obligatory. Yet whilst this piano may have a similar extravagant styling, the look is altogether different.

Introducing the most blinged instrument in the world! This £420,000 Goldfinch piano has been completely covered in crystals. The piano took six months to build, with each crystal being applied by hand and apparently commissioned by an unknown Sheikh from Doha.


The company director, Tomas Norman, has been quick to highlight that the beauty is more than skin deep and that this piano is a representative of contemporary British art and musicality. He also goes on to say that his company is the only manufacturer in the world who create truly bespoke pianos from an almost limitless range of finishes, shapes, sizes and colours!

Of course the piano may not be to everyone’s taste or indeed their budget, yet most will have some admiration for the time, effort and craftsmanship which has been put into the project.

If this particular piano design is really not your style, perhaps we know something that is.

Have you seen the futuristic Pegasus Schimmel piano? It looks like some kind of musical spaceship. It is the type of piano that would be seen in a Hollywood film, perhaps lurking in the living room of a filthy rich bachelor! The piano has over 200 strings, under a tension of 176,520 newtons! Only a limited amount of pianos were originally manufactured but sometime the company does release the odd one form time to time…so start saving now.


Perhaps an update on the original grand piano, Yamaha released “The Key Between You” piano which is apparently designed to bring the musician and the audience closer together. Perhaps this is because they are all needed to pitch in financially, as this overly lacquered masterpiece looks anything but cheap.