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Short, nugget-sized but really useful tips and tricks to help you learn an instrument.

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  • Tips and Tricks To Take Your Trumpet Playing To The Next Level

    At Learn Music Guide we want to give our readers as much help as possible to learn their new instrument. We have offered tips and tricks on many instruments, but we have recently realised that we missed the trumpet! So as we don’t like to disappoint…check out our tips and trips to take your trumpet playing to the next level.

  • 5 tips to help you become an Indie Musician

    We know that you have been working really hard with your online music lessons, but we also know that you are ready to take your music to the streets and enjoy some success. If you dream of playing a live gig in front of hundreds or thousands of people, then here are our top tips to help you on the way.

  • Tips and Tricks On Becoming A Famous Singer

    If there was a simple formula which guaranteed fame and fortune to singers, many of us would have used it by now. However just because the music is a hard industry to crack, does not mean that you should not give it a go! Check out our tips and tricks for becoming a famous singer, no guarantees offered.

  • How to improve posture whilst playing violin

    Have you ever analysed the posture of a successful violinist. Their deportment has a certain confidence which makes the audience relax in the knowledge that the musician knows what they are doing. Carrying yourself with the same conviction, is perhaps easier said than done, but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Tips and Tricks For Getting Gigs For Your Band

    Have you been learning to play the guitar online? Are you rehearsing with your band in the garage? Whilst a jamming session can be enjoyable, do you think your band are ready to play a live gig? Making the jump from playing in your garage to playing at a proper venue takes confidence, you also need to know how to make that transition. So we have put together a few tips to help you launch your band and make an impression in front of a crowd.

  • Tips and Tricks On Transporting Your Instrument

    Whether you have been learning to play a musical instrument online or are having private lessons, the time will eventually come when you might play as part of an orchestra. Whether that is in a professional capacity or as a hobby, you might find yourself travelling across continents to take part in events and competitions. Therefore we have put together a how to guide on transporting your instrument safely.

  • Tips and Tricks On Buying Your First Clarinet

    Whatever instrument you are learning to play, there is never a one size fits all! The choice of instrument depends on many factors including your experience, if you are buying for a child and at what level you are looking to play. Of course you also need to consider cost! Instruments at the toP end of the range can run into many thousand of pounds, but it is really not necessary when you are just starting out.

  • Finding The Best Piano Teacher For Your Child

    When you are searching for the best piano lessons for your child, it can be easy to think that the best teacher will be the one who has played around the world and with many famous orchestras! Not so! The best teacher is the one who fits your child’s personality , at least at this stage in their learning. Read more…

  • Tips and Tricks To Take Your Singing To The Next Level

    Have you been enjoying taking singing lessons online? Do you feel ready to perform? Do you feel ready to record? Are you considering a stage performance in a musical? If so, we have put a few tips and tricks together to elevate your singing prowess.

  • Top Tips For Buying Your First Saxophone

    Buying your first saxophone can be a difficult task. Saxophones don’t come cheap and so you need to ensure you are making the correct decision. Here are our top tips for purchasing your first saxophone.