Tips On Choosing an Instrument for your Child

Tips On Choosing an Instrument for your Child
June 24, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Tips On Choosing an Instrument for your Child!

Getting your child interested in playing an instrument has many advantages. However you need to ensure they have a positive experience, otherwise they might be discouraged and left with a negative feeling. Here are a few helping tips and tricks to consider when choosing an instrument for your child.

  1. Think about the size of the instrument! When an adult sized instrument is left in tiny hands, frustration can be caused! If you child is interested in learning the trumpet, perhaps consider starting them off with a cornet, this is a much smaller instrument. Likewise, a clarinet has fairly large holes which need to be firmly sealed by the fingers, younger children will find this physically difficult but flutes and saxophones might be more suitable.
  2. Remember that children develop at different stages and whilst it has been known for violinists to pay amazingly at age 5, other children simply won’t have the coordination and concentration skills. Starting too early will cause a negative impressions and could deter them from playing in future life!
  3. Woodwind and brass instruments require the player to have a strong dental structure and so it advisable only to start when the front adult teeth have stabilised. Smaller children with gaps will find these types of instruments increasingly difficult.

Carefully thinking about the physical capabilities of a child to play an instrument will ensure a positive learning experience. And remember, all children are born with a free and unique instrument, their voice. We have discovered a range of singing lessons online for beginners click here to find out more.