Tips and Tricks On Buying Your First Clarinet

Tips and Tricks On Buying Your First Clarinet
November 30, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Are you learning to play the clarinet online? If so, Learn Music Guide has lots of valuable information for you, including the reviews on the best online learning sites and the guides on buying clarinet reeds.

Today we bring you a guide on what to consider when buying your first clarinet.

Whatever instrument you are learning to play, there is never a one size fits all! The choice of instrument depends on many factors including your experience, if you are buying for a child and at what level you are looking to play. Of course you also need to consider cost! Instruments at the toP end of the range can run into many thousand of pounds, but it is really not necessary when you are just starting out.

Although there are many channels from which to buy a clarinet, Learn Music Guide would always recommend visiting a shop. The staff in the shop will be able to advise you on the best instrument for your current playing level. It might also be advantageous to take along a clarinet teacher or an experienced player. They can give invaluable input which a novice clarinet player might not have considered.

Some shops are very obliging and will allow you to take the instrument to try out, particularly if you are attending the shop with a well respected local teacher. If this is not an option, ring the shop ahead of your visit and you may find they will reserve a practice room or space for you to try the instrument out in peace.

If you are tempted to buy a used instrument you need to take a few things into consideration before parting with your hard cash. Usually a private seller is selling the instrument because they no longer play or have upgraded to a better clarinet. Before committing to a purchase, thoroughly inspect the instrument or ask if you can have the instrument checked over by a woodwind specialist. If the instrument has not been used in some time, it may have dried out pads and you will not be able to try before you buy.

When you finally find your perfect instrument, think about insurance. A high quality clarinet can be costly, so make sure you insure against damage, loss or theft.