Tips and Tricks For Getting Gigs For Your Band

Tips and Tricks For Getting Gigs For Your Band
January 3, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

Have you been learning to play the guitar online? Are you rehearsing with your band in the garage? Whilst a jamming session can be enjoyable, do you think your band are ready to play a live gig?

Making the jump from playing in your garage to playing at a proper venue takes confidence, you also need to know how to make that transition. So we have put together a few tips to help you launch your band and make an impression in front of a crowd.

Demo Tape

Whilst it might not be a tape in the physical sense, in the industry this is still the name for it. You may choose to record your songs onto a CD, put them on a USB stick or put them on your website if you have one. Don’t get hung up on perfect quality, whilst the audio does need to be clear it is not necessary to pay for a studio recording. You can record covers and your own material, the content is totally up to yourself but think about the kind of venue you may approach.

Label Your Work

You might not be signed to a well known label yet, but you still need one! Basically this is just a sticker with your name and contact details on. Venues get a lot of demo tapes and they may not remember who gave it to them, don’t let them forget.

Press Kit

A press kit can be something as simple as a piece of paper with your music influence, suggested set lists and availability. An upscale press kit could be professionally finished. You might include pass gig pictures, individual info about the group members and upcoming gigs where they can see you pay live.

Who Should I Approach?

Look around your locality. Many coffee bars, restaurants and festivals are keen to support local talent. Before asking them for a spot, why not visit the venue and investigate which types of band already play there, do you fit this genre? You could also approach booking agents but remember this is highly competitive and they do take a fee.

It is who you know, not what you know!

Yes this might be an old saying but it is true. Get yourself out there and meet people in the business. The more people you know who own venues or play in a band, the more opportunities you are creating for yourself. Put yourselves out there.

Book Yourself!

If you are having trouble landing a venue for your gig, sort one out for yourself. At Learn Music Guide, we don’t believe that good things come to those who wait…you need to go out and get them!

So what are you waiting for, book a venue, print the flyers and invite everyone you know.

Good Luck!

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