Tips and Tricks To Take Your Singing To The Next Level

Tips and Tricks To Take Your Singing To The Next Level
August 30, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Have you been enjoying taking singing lessons online? Do you feel ready to perform? Do you feel ready to record? Are you considering a stage performance in a musical? If so, we have put a few tips and tricks together to elevate your singing prowess.

Tips for remembering lyrics!

Remembering lyrics is personal, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Break the overall piece down into smaller sections and learn bit by bit. Once you think the lyrics have been firmly committed to memory, introduce a new activity! On stage there will be more going on than just your singing, audience members may be noisy or maybe a scenery change is going on behind you. Therefore you need to practice with added distraction. It might also be helpful to write the lyrics down whilst learning. Each time you make a mistake, return to the start and continue through until you are word perfect.

Tips for overcoming stage fright!

Stage fright can strike at anytime and it happens to even the most seasoned of performers. Therefore as a singer, you need to know what to do with those nerves when they hit you really bad.

Stage fright is usually at the worst before you perform. It is the anticipation of what could happen, what could go wrong. Performers usually find that once they got through the first line of a song, the fright has disappeared, however try these tips to stave off worry.

If you suffer from dry throat before a big performance, try biting your tongue. This increases the saliva in the mouth and will prevent your throat from becoming dry. Try distracting yourself. Play about with the lyrics in your head, drift off, visualise yourself on stage, all is going well. Remind yourself of past performances, how did they go? Think about complements that people have paid you in the past.

If all that fails, why not imagine the audience in their underwear! Apparently it really works.

Singing with a band!

Singing with a band is another unique singing experience. You will have to deal with all the different band members and get used to singing with an awful lot going on around you. The key is to keep calm. When the band plays a solo spot during the piece, it is important to remember that you are still part of the performance, so remember to listen attentively.

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