Tips and Tricks To Take Your Trumpet Playing To The Next Level

Tips and Tricks To Take Your Trumpet Playing To The Next Level
February 3, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

At Learn Music Guide we want to give our readers as much help as possible to learn their new instrument. We have offered tips and tricks on many instruments, but we have recently realised that we missed the trumpet! So as we don’t like to disappoint…check out our tips and trips to take your trumpet playing to the next level.

  1. Trumpet players can be a little hard on themselves. We all know that a little practice each day can go a long way, but sometimes skipping a practice just happens and the next day we often feel like we have forgotten everything we had spent so long learning. This is often the mindset of a trumpet player, but changing things up is easy. Don’t beat yourself up for taking a break and instead take the opportunity to assess what you do well and think about any necessary changes. Come back with a fresh approach and prepare to shine.
  2. Do you remember when you first learned the fundamentals of trumpet playing? You were just setting out on your learning journey and were largely inexperienced on your instrument. By re-visiting the very basics of trumpet playing, you could actually improve your performance. Don’t feel like you are going backwards, you are simply polishing rough edges.
  3. How clean is your instrument, and be honest? The trumpet challenges even the most consistent of players, but a build up of debris in the pipes is always going to work against you. Take 30 minutes a week to clean your trumpet or if you are worried about causing damage, take it to a repair shop who will give it an acid wash.
  4. Remember that playing your instrument is supposed to be fun! Don’t get hung up when things are not going your way, acknowledge the problem and address it, but don’t let it get in the way of your enjoyment.
  5. Of course by now you will have probably checked out all the sites which help you to learn the trumpet online, click here . However, sometimes a teacher can help you to progress quicker. We understand that tuition can be expensive, but even a one-off face to face lesson could solve a problem which you have been unable to solve with online classes.
  6. How often do you listen to music? Did you know that listening to music can improve your playing? Take time to listen to a live concert and absorb different styles, it will pay off in the end.

Whatever instrument you are trying to learn, the thrill of playing a musical instrument is really a privilege. Enjoy your practice sessions and your performances will be enjoyed by others.