Tips and Tricks On Transporting Your Instrument

Tips and Tricks On Transporting Your Instrument
December 9, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Whether you have been learning to play a musical instrument online or are having private lessons, the time will eventually come when you might play as part of an orchestra. Whether that is in a professional capacity or as a hobby, you might find yourself travelling across continents to take part in events and competitions.

Therefore we have put together a how to guide on transporting your instrument safely:

  1. Depending on the instrument you play and the airline you are travelling with, you may be able to simply carry on your small violin or guitar. Obviously larger instruments will need to be put in the hold or some airlines may require you to purchase a ticket.
  2. The problem with air travel is that your instrument is likely to be handled by a non musician. If you are taking the item through security with you, allow an extra thirty minutes to go through security, so the instrument does not have to be checked in a rush. If you are checking the instrument in, then leave a hand written note advising on how the item should be handled,
  3. Whether you are travelling by plane or by car, bumps are inevitable. Take care to pack the instrument carefully and place it in a position where it is not likely to be jostled around. This is of paramount importance when placed in an overhead locker on an airplane.
  4. ID your instrument with a name address and telephone number. You cannot afford to turn up to a gig without it.
  5. Think about the elements. Exposing instruments to increased heat or temperatures below freezing can have an adverse effect on their sound. If there is a risk of your instrument becoming damaged, then why not consider hiring a instrument at your location!