“Tonight singing live, Adele is … Adele?”

“Tonight singing live, Adele is … Adele?”
November 26, 2015 LearnMusic.Guide

Stars In Their Eyes made a comeback early this year with presenter Harry Hill taking over from Cat Deeley’s short stint and Matthew Kelly’s longer reign. Amongst the performers were impersonations of Paloma Faith, Christina Aguilera and winner Frankie Valli. Not surprisingly, nobody took on Adele.

However at a recent talent competition, Adele joined other hopefuls as a contestant ….in disguise. Adopting the persona of a well spoken nanny and with a prosthetic nose and chin, Adele was joined by Graham Norton.

The other girls sang first with the performance interspersed with comments from the waiting performers. Adele feigned an extremely nervous disposition, really throwing the others off scent. However when she took to the stage to perform, you could hear the jaws hitting the floor.

It took a while for the penny to drop but suddenly the others realised that this was indeed……Adele!

For an artist who has sold millions of albums, at the ripe old age of 27 no less, her warm and funny personality shone through. Adele is from Tottenham and you hear it in her speaking voice, there are no airs, no graces, just a real treat for her fans! Adele, we loved it!