Top Tips For Buying Your First Saxophone

Top Tips For Buying Your First Saxophone
July 11, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Buying your first saxophone can be a difficult task. Saxophones don’t come cheap and so you need to ensure you are making the correct decision. Here are our top tips for purchasing your first saxophone.

How committed are you?

Don’t rush into buying a saxophone. If you are starting lessons then you will need a practice instrument but perhaps it would be worthwhile considering a rental saxophone or maybe there is one you can borrow.

Which type of saxophone should I buy?

There are four main types of saxophone, the Alto, the Tenor, The Baritone and the Soprano. The most common and cost effective choice is to opt for the Alto. They are also lighter than the other saxophones so more suitable for younger players. Saxophone playing can be an expensive hobby with prices stretching well over £5000 for more sophisticated models. Yamaha saxophones are widely thought to be the best manufacturer for beginners.

Can I buy used?

Many reputable music shops offer used instruments at a really good cost when compared with new. However, be careful not to buy from Ebay or other online auctions. Also bear in mind that used instruments may require repairs.


If you have decided to buy a new saxophone, then take time with your purchase. Visit a music store and ask to test the instruments. This will give you a good indication of what feels right and make your decision a little easier. Maybe ask an experienced saxophonist to go with you and advise you on what they think would be best.