Top Tips For Practicing Drums

Top Tips For Practicing Drums
May 18, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Objective Setting!

Before you head off for a practice session, it is essential to set yourself some objectives. Find the line between being over ambitious and enabling yourself to be stretched. Objective setting helps you to chart and track your success. Realising you have achieved something keeps you motivated for the next session.

Take Advice!

If you are not sure on what you should be practicing in your sessions, then it is important to take some advice. There are many forums online where you can request help from a professional. Ask for help on devising some lesson plans.

Allow Room For Creativity!

Mastering techniques is important, but so is creativity. Let the music play! Play along with a backing track or have fun improvising. Just get creative and remember how much fun playing an instrument actually is.

Practice Every Day!

This may seem impossible but even just ten minutes is better than nothing. If you are not near your drum kit, take some time to do some research or play a practice pad! Just keep taking small steps everyday and reap the rewards.

  • LJ Moran

    I love the idea of setting objectives for each session, realistic objectives balance out by pushing you and giving a sense of reward, I find that keeps me going as the sense of enjoyment and achievement is in every session.
    With regards to asking for advice, which, if I am honest I need to work harder to take onboard, I feel that, if I was twenty years younger I might find it easier to ask for advice, but I am trying, (I am here after all, seeking advice)
    As for creativity, I’m not quite that good yet, any attempt at creativity at this stage ends up sounding ‘unusual’ at best but with solid daily practice and the right attitude I hope ill get better.
    Great article LMG thanks as always for the advice.