Top Tips and Tricks for Motivating your Child to Practice Music

Top Tips and Tricks for Motivating your Child to Practice Music
June 17, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

If your child seems to have lost interest in playing their instrument, or at least practicing, it could be tempting to ask yourself why it is necessary to push them! After all, perhaps they are just not interested. However the joy and potentially the abilities for stress relief later in life make learning to play an instrument really valuable, so prepare for the headache and encourage them.

Here are some tips to get them back into a regular practice routine.

  1. Get them inspired. Take them to a concert where they can see professional musicians rocking out or perhaps playing a piece of classical music.
  2. As your child gets older they will develop their own musical preferences. Sometimes the practice tunes given by a teacher can be a little dull and not to the child’s taste. Whilst the teacher will have their reasons for teaching set pieces, perhaps encourage the child to play something more suited to their taste as well.
  3. If your child does not like practice, but thrives on the attention they get at a concert or performance, get something on the calendar. Children are much more likely to practice if they have an event or show to work towards.
  4. If your child is having music lessons online, perhaps think about paying for some lessons with a teacher. The human touch is still so valuable and they could really spark something within the child which encourages them to try a little harder.
  5. If your child works hard towards academic exams, think about this when it comes to his instrument. There are many examining boards out there and booking a musical exam will give the child something to work towards.

Motivating your Child to Learn Musical Instrument

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