Ukelele Lessons Online

Ukelele Lessons Online – Some Of The Chords You Need To Know

Ukelele lessons online come in many different shapes and sizes, from video demonstrations to written lessons. Nevertheless, no matter what your learning style is, one thing you need to get to grips with first is the main chords. Read on below for further information.

Let’s start with the easiest chord to play, which is one of the first things you will be taught about during beginners’ ukulele lessons online, and this is the C major. To play this chord, the bottom string on the third fret is where you should place your middle finger. Another important chord is A major. This chord is played by placing your index finger on the third string’s first fret while also putting your middle finger on the top string at the second fret. The next chord you should master is the G major. You will need to use your middle finger, ring finger and index finger for this. The latter should be on the third string’s second fret. Your ring finger must be placed on the second string’s third fret, and the bottom string’s second fret is where your middle finger ought to be. What about the F major? This chord involves placing your ring finger on the top string’s second fret while the second string’s first fret is where the index finger must be placed. An easy chord is the A minor, and to play this you need to put your middle finger on the top string at the second fret.

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