Ukulele On Trend

Ukulele On Trend
December 16, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Are you learning to play the ukulele online? What was once considered to be a comedy instrument, is now an unstoppable trend, particularly amongst the younger generations.

Sales of the four string instrument are actually rising faster than any other instrument in the UK and therefore it is hardly surprising that manufacturers are getting in on the act and bringing us this very cool ukuele….

The RUPA5 Ukulele from

The RUPA5 Ukulele from

The instrument was a popular choice in the 1930s and 1940s, made famous by George Formby, plinking out a tune and singing novelty songs such as When I am Cleaning Windows. It fell out of fashion due to the rise of the electric guitar, however due to it being easy to play and relatively cheap to buy, it is making a significant comeback.

The instrument originally comes from Hawaii and Ortega Guitars have used this for inspiration in their pineapple esque, palm tree engraved spruce and mahogany models.

The ukuleles are concert size instruments, with a body depth of 65mm and Tortoise style binding. The instrument comes with a die cast tuning and satin finish.

The ukulele is also being reintroduced in schools, with many primary schools ditching the recorder in favour of ukulele.

These new ukulele models are available to buy now and come in at a reasonable price of £49

Take a look now

If you are considering learning to play the ukulele online, we have already reviewed the best sites to get you started. Click here for further information.

  • Ivan Ivanoff

    I wasn’t aware that the Ukulele was popular in the 30s and 40s … Should check out if there are some popular songs from that time period .. I still haven’t picked one up, but I do end up watching hours upon hours of Ukulele covers on YouTube and listening to this amazing little instrument is simply an unmatched experience ..