Unusual instruments to learn

Unusual instruments to learn
November 4, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Here at Learn Music Guide, we have already identified many unusual instruments including the Eigenharp, Wintergarten Marble Machine and Loog guitar!

At Learn Music Guide, we never want to stop discovering new musical things and so we set ourselves a challenge to find even more unusual instruments that you have never heard of. Take a look.



The Hydraulphone is actually two things! In everyday life, it is a water fountain to be enjoyed by everyone that passes it. However, when the water jets are covered, the water is forced to flow through a calibrated pipe and that is when the magic of music happens. These instrument slash fountains are springing up all across the world, but unfortunately there seems to be none in the UK, as of yet! Please correct us if we are wrong.

Friction Harp


Unlike a traditional harp this instrument is played by rubbing, not plucking! It uses hollow pipes and has been around since the 1920s.

Branching Corrugahorn


If there was an award for the weirdest looking instrument, I am certain this would be on the nominations list. Crafted from corrugated pipe, the instrument makes sound as are rushes over the internal corrugation. Each branch of pipe is differently sized to make different sounds. Yes it’s weird looking, but don’t judge a book by its cover. To date we have found no online lessons for this instrument, but here is hoping.



Don’t try this at home kids!

Pyrophone literally translates to fire sound! The instrument is a series of pipes which makes a sound by the application of combustion in the pipes, usually by propane or gasoline!

It looks a little dangerous and we understand that many of these instruments are home made!!!! Perhaps stick with a tissue box and elastic band guitar or check out an alternative here.

Learn to play an instrument online today.


For here is a girl that evoked strong emotions in everyone, love her or hate her. The haters suggested that her voice was forced, it cracked and did she use a fake British accent? Yet this is exactly what her fans were celebrating. They suggested her voice has an authenticity and a uniqueness which is needed in today’s sea of bland artists. So who is right? According to Jason Mraz, this girl is going to go far.

A recent report by Billboard suggested that Jason Mraz actively sought out Miss VanderWaal to congratulate her on her epic win of AGT. He offered her some advice on her career and he also took some from the 12 year old girl, who apparently preferred his long haired look!

Whilst the voice is attracting controversy, her song writing skills and ukulele playing are largely being overlooked. This is a girl with all round musical talent and we predict that she won’t be going away! Watch this space.

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  • Ivan Ivanoff

    The Hydraulophone and the Friction Pipe are definitely tow instruments that I would love to have. What’s more, the Friction Pipe would be perfect for huge performances on stage or for music videos .. Of course, I don’t believe it will work as a sole instrument, but we do definitely need some weirdness back in the music industry ..