October 7, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

X Factor fever is all over us at the moment! And while the haters will always hate, the panel this year are particularly entertaining. Could this be the year where viewer numbers start to rise again? We don’t know about that, but we have been paying particular attention to happenings across the pond.

Have you heard of Grace VanderWaal? If the answer is no, then believe us, this is a name which is set to become household across America and beyond. For Grace Vanderwaal just won the $1 million dollar prize on America’s Got Talent! Cue the ticker tape parade! The new star’s talent is being celebrated by big names such as Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Adele. But what makes this star different from any other AGT winner who speedily disappeared into anonymity?

When a new star wins any of the Simon Cowell talent shows, they are always going to be the next big thing, with little divided opinion! Yet from the very first moment Grace appeared on national television in America, things were different.

For here is a girl that evoked strong emotions in everyone, love her or hate her. The haters suggested that her voice was forced, it cracked and did she use a fake British accent? Yet this is exactly what her fans were celebrating. They suggested her voice has an authenticity and a uniqueness which is needed in today’s sea of bland artists. So who is right? According to Jason Mraz, this girl is going to go far.

A recent report by Billboard suggested that Jason Mraz actively sought out Miss VanderWaal to congratulate her on her epic win of AGT. He offered her some advice on her career and he also took some from the 12 year old girl, who apparently preferred his long haired look!

Whilst the voice is attracting controversy, her song writing skills and ukulele playing are largely being overlooked. This is a girl with all round musical talent and we predict that she won’t be going away! Watch this space.

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  • Ivan Ivanoff

    When I listen to VanderWaal, I am reminded of the style of Jason Mraz, so there’s not much surprise about his supposed call .. However, I am a bit tired of singers continuously winning AGT .. There are so many music talent shows and the only show that is actually supposed to be a platform for variety acts is still won by musicians … I guess you can say that this shows that music is still the most moving performance for people all around .. but I do still think that AGT should look into promoting more variety performances ..