Vinyl continues to make a comeback

Vinyl continues to make a comeback
February 5, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

At the end of 2015, bloggers and vloggers started speculating on the music trends for 2016. Among these predictions included Taylor Swift doubling her 2015 earnings and Rihanna making a comeback as one of music’s highest earners. But what about the growing trend for physical albums? Have digital downloads not rendered everything else useless?

Apparently not, with an overwhelming 50% of album sales still being bought on CD or Vinyl and industry statistics showing that it continues to rise, but why? There are a mixture of theories, for some it is about showing their identity. It is much harder to see someone’s playlist but a collection of records or CD’s can instantly tell you something about a person.

For other people it is the nostalgia they crave, just like a vintage jukebox. Finally there are those who simply prefer analogue playback because it has a warmth that digital recordings cannot create. Whatever the reason it shows that physical album sales may be down, but they are most definitely not out.

  • LJ Moran

    Great news for makers of record players (sorry..turntables).
    I love that vinyl is so popular, as a man of a certain age I do, of course still have a decent collection of vinyl and miss those far-off days of spending time with friends looking through their collections, you just cant do that with a playlist..
    Why vinyl retains its popularity, I couldn’t say but I think the truth of it lies somewhere in the warmth and feel of vinyl music, the sense of identity that came with owning a physical album and the nostalgia felt for younger times, not to mention the often iconic artwork, now we just need to bring back mixtapes.