Violin Lesson Online

Violin Lesson Online – Dealing With Finger Pain

Violin lesson online – have you recently taken one and noticed that your fingers are hurting quite a bit? Unfortunately, this is normal, but there are steps you can take to ensure that this pain becomes virtually non-existent over time. Read on to discover more.

Firstly, it is vital to recognise that in the beginning, the violin is going to be rough on your fingers, and it is simply a case of getting used to it. The human body is an incredible thing, and it will react to your regular online music lessons by hardening your fingertips so that you are able to withstand the repeated friction and pressure. This hardened skin is called a callus. It does not tend to be visible to the naked eye, but you will notice it because your fingertips will feel harder, and they will be more resistant to friction, heat and pressure. To ensure you develop this, it’s all about getting practice time right – not too much and not too little. For the first two weeks of violin lessons online, an hour a day is the optimal time. Don’t play to the point where you get blisters, as this will make it impossible for you to continue practising for a little while. If you are still experiencing finger pain, or you notice this occurs after a mere couple of minutes, ensure you do not have the strings raised too high above the finger board. Also, make sure you are not pressing the strings with too much force. Experiment with different amounts of pressure until you get it right.

Now that you have some top tips on preventing finger pain while enjoying a violin lesson online, you are ready to start playing again. But before you do, make sure you check out Learn Music Guide at We have put together everything you need to learn this instrument, and much more. You won’t be disappointed.