Violin Lessons Online

Violin Lessons Online
November 25, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

There is no denying that violin lessons online present you with a great way to learn this instrument. The violin is one of the most beautiful instruments to play, and by learning online you will be able to learn at your own pace and enjoy lessons that are entirely catered to you. But, how do you make the most of these lessons? Read on to discover more.

1. Practice every day – Practising every day may seem like an impossible challenge. However, if you can only practice for ten minutes, so be it. The main thing is that you are practicing regularly. It is much more beneficial to do short online music lessons every day, as opposed to doing one long lesson on the weekend.

2. Look after your violin – It is important to take good care of your instrument. Whenever you are not playing, make sure you keep your violin in its case. The last thing you want is for it to be broken. This will mean that you need to buy a new one, and if this is something you cannot afford, you will not be able to do any music lessons online until you save up for a new one. Aside from this, after playing, remove any extra dust by wiping with a soft cloth. You should also loosen the bow before you put the violin away.

3. Ask questions – Just because you are practicing online does not mean you cannot ask questions. A lot of websites will give you the ability to submit queries to dedicated musicians and tutors. Moreover, you can even submit recordings of you playing in some cases, and they can grade it for you. There are also plenty of online forums where violinists will be more than happy to assist.

4. Listen to violin music regularly – To get the most from your violin lessons online, it is important to listen to violin music regularly to develop your ear. This will give you some much-needed inspiration as well.

  • Karen Scotland

    Thank you for helping me start this fab instrument! Its a great excuse to have 10 minutes “me time” every day and looking after the violin isn’t a problem as I was always on at my daughter to do this, when I bought it for her (she no longer plays) but it never occurred to me to listen to violin music – beyond a few youtube tutorials (rubbish in comparison to LMG!) and listening to my daughters early attempts, I had lost the goal of how beautiful it can sound! I have followed this advice and found it really inspiring with some very talented violinists playing around me to show me how it can be done and get a feel for what I am trying to achieve. Just shows you how easy it is to forget the obvious and how valuable these reminders can be! I need to keep reading more of these and see what else I have missed 🙂