Wintergarten Marble Machine

Wintergarten Marble Machine
June 27, 2016 LearnMusic.Guide

Introducing the Marble Machine Instrument…

This is not the first time Learn Music Guide has stumbled across a new instrument, check out the Seaboard Rise. An instrument which is not sure whether it is a guitar or a piano.

However today is about the Wintergarten Marble Machine was has been invented by Swedish musician Martin Molin. Molin has taken his musical experience of glockenspiel and tracktofon and thrown them all together, literally.

The instrument is a hand cranked machine loaded with instruments including the cymbal, drum, bass and oddly 2000 cascading marbles. And of course like any good instrument there is also a large array of LEGO technic parts.


Swedish musician Martin Molin with his Wintergarten Marble Machine

The machine is a true labour of love, compromising of over 3000 moving parts. He had intended to spend about 2 months on the project but this spiralled into a 14 month project. The musician has built this instrument completely by hand and chose to record his progress on a number of YouTube videos.

The YouTube videos sparked a lot of interest from musicians. However sadly, due to the fragile nature of the Marble Machine, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to hear it played at a venue near you any time soon. But we hear there may be a possibility of a tour – check out the Wintergatan website for more details. The contraption simply cannot be transported due to it’s fragile nature.

The instrument is carved beautifully out of wood and if you don’t appreciate it as an instrument, you might admire it for being a piece of art.

There are some plans to make smaller devices which mimic the Marble Machine’s technology and could be transported.

The only thing we are not sure about is whether you find an online music lesson for this crazy marble machine instrument!

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