Women In Music

Women In Music
March 22, 2017 LearnMusic.Guide

How did you celebrate International Women’s Day? Did you have Independent Women by Destiny’s Child on a continuous loop? Or did you mix things up with Gloria Gaynor’s, “I Will Survive” followed by the Eurythmics, “Sisters Are Doin’It For Themselves?

In honour of women everywhere, Learn Music Guide have decided to run an article celebrating the fabulously empowering women in the music industry! Let’s start with….

What better place to start than Beyonce! She has been a dominant figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, but it was her Lemonade album that resonated with women all over the world. As a pop star, her messages are accessible to all and she continues to inspire and motivate women everywhere!

Love her or hate her, Bjork certainly knows how to shake things up! Last year she was quick to highlight how women in music are expected to release songs which are largely about relationships! In the past, Bjork has attempted to break down boundaries and sing about atoms and galaxies, but the media has largely been unreceptive and only started to get interested when she started singing about her broken heart…

We often hear about stars giving something back, but Scandic-Pop sensation Robin is a true testament to that. For Robyn is a founder of a festival called TEKLA. Aimed particularly at young women, the festival is designed to spark the imaginations of girls aged between 11-18 and encourage them to become involved with digital arts and media.

Trail blazing the way for transgender artists, Anonhi was the first transgender artist to be recognised for her work by both the Mercury Prize and Brit Awards. Her debut album, titled Hopelessness, was aimed at highlighting climate change and challenging the Obama presidency.

For women in music, there has been an ongoing pressure to apply to a number of physical attributes! Artists such as Meghan Trainor have previously challenged those ideas. However, we need to mention the fabulous Lizzo who is actively looking to promote a body positive resolution with her music. She is a visible icon, inspiring the little girls of today.

Of course we absolutely recognise that there are powerful women everywhere and you are probably one of them!

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